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All entrees are served with soup or salad, choice of potato or rice pilaf (excluding pasta dishes), chef’s garnish, coffee, tea or iced tea, and a chocolate sundae.


WOOD-ROASTED CHICKEN Tender one-half chicken, slowly roasted to perfection. Choice of regular, BBQ, or Grecian
Lunch  $17.95 Dinner $19.95

CHARBROILED CHICKEN BREAST Marinated in herbs & spices Lunch  $15.95 Dinner $18.95

CHICKEN BROCHETTE Prepared with fresh mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers

Lunch  $15.95 Dinner $16.95

LONDON BROIL Tender slices of filet mignon, served with our mushroom gravy Lunch  $21.95 Dinner $22.95

FILET MIGNON 4 oz., served with grilled fresh mushrooms and Hollandaise sauce

Lunch  $22.95 Dinner $22.95

CHICKEN BREAST LIMONE Pan-seared, light lemon sauce, rice pilaf

Lunch $15.95 Dinner $18.95

PENNE WITH SHRIMP Tender shrimp sauteed in marinara sauce and served over penne pasta

Lunch $18.95 Dinner $19.95

CHICKEN BREAST PARMIGIANA Tender chicken breast, lightly breaded and pan fried, topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, served with pasta

Lunch $16.95 Dinner $19.95

CHARBROILED FRESH SALMON Served with Hollandaise sauce

Lunch $21.95 Dinner $24.95

TILAPIA Broiled with olive oil, fresh herbs & spices, served with rice pilaf

Lunch $18.95 Dinner $21.95

CATCH OF THE DAY Served with rice pilaf Market Price 

If there is an item not listed that you would like, we can customize a menu for your gathering.